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Our soapnuts were recently discussed on the One Baha'i blog site. Thank you again to your users for sending the link.
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Winnipeg Free Press - Summer Lovin'

Never head of soap nuts? Don't feel bad. This odd little product has made laundry day just a little less dull for me. Soap nuts are the fruit of the Chinese soapberry tree, which is widely grown in India and Nepal. The shell of the fruit has a protective waxy coating that contains saponin and helps clothes get clean. Toss three or four nuts into the small bag provided and use it instead of commercial laundry soap. You can reuse the bag of nuts three or four times, and when you're done, toss the nuts into your garden for composting. Best of all, this product is imported by Orgownic, a Winnipeg company.

I have not found a better, all-natural laundry wash out there. Soapnuts get my clothes as clean as any commercial soap and with no residues or odor. I hang dry my clothes and they are now softer and fluffier than they ever were using fabric softener or dryer sheets! And best of all the nuts are re-usable and compostable. This product saves me money and helps me save the environment too. I highly recommend Soapnuts to customers with chemical sensitivities and anyone looking for a natural alternative to commercial laundry products.

Diana Corbeil
The Happy Tree Company
Terrace, B.C.

Hi Mary,

We have been using the soap nuts and really like them alot! Did you receive your shipment? ...We just love them for everyday laundry. If people only knew that they are wrapping themselves and their children in clothing loaded with residues that make your clothes "seem cleaner" and that these residues are sometimes cancer causing they'd be more easily converted to using enviro-friendly soap nuts. Maybe one day the FDA will obligate the detergent companies to list all ingredients. Please let me know if I can get some more of these magic beans and how much they are?

Thank you,